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Join Grandpa's Science Club. Its Free! Young scientists from all over
the world will share their discoveries and photos.
You will receive a special club membership certificate by email.
We do not publish photos of students with names or locations.
1. You must be 5 to 12 years of age.
2. You must have permission to join from a parent or guardian.
3. You must be interested in science.
4. You must be willing to share with others.
5. You must be a good observer.
6. You must follow the young scientist rules.
Club Rules
I will listen to my parent or guardian.
I will try to learn all I can so that I will be able to help others.
I will follow the science safety rules.
I will seek to be wise so that I may be able to make discoveries.
I will never hurt anyone or animals as I make discoveries.
I will be honest and tell the truth to family and friends.

Safety Rules
1. Always ask an adult before doing an experiment.
2. Always think before you do an experiment.
3. Always write or draw what you will do or test.
4. Always ask yourself,  "Is this dangerous to me or others?"
5. Always stop if the answer is yes or maybe.
6. Always have an assistant working with you.
7. Always wear eye and body protection.

Setting up your Laboratory:
Find a table to work on.
Make sure you have air moving from a window or door.
Set up lights over your work area.
Keep a bucket of sand on the floor and a bottle of water on your lab table.
Keep a metal bowl or pan on your lab table.
Make a stand for holding your experiment containers.
Keep chemicals on a shelf.
Keep some heavy duty aluminum foil sheets near the table.
Keep a dry dish towel near the table.
Keep safety equipment near your table.
(Aprons, gloves and eye protection are available at discount stores.)
Science Club