Enjoy "Grandpa's Lab Online" Free. This includes live encounters with Grandpa, videos
and academic extras for your young scientist. We also appreciate your contribution as we
partner together to encourage young students. The Science Academy depends on
contributions to enhance and grow the science experience it provides.

Through Helping Hands Ministries, Inc., a tax receipt for financial gifts will be provided.
contributions are used for helping missionary children in other countries, general
operating expenses that include equipment, supplies, and opportunities for young
scientists here in the United States.

More information about Helping Hands is available at

How You Can  Make a Contribution Online for The Science Academy:

1. Donate $1 to $40, without a tax receipt, by clicking here:

2. Donate $50 and above and receive a tax receipt below:

* Login to

* Choose the Link "Make A Donation"

* Choose the Button "Donate to Helping Hands Ministries Approved  Projects  

*  Go to "Project Category" and select "Education"

*  Go to "Project" and select  "The Science Academy"

*  Thank you for filling out the contributor information.

3. Donate by check any amount without a tax receipt by mail:

The Science Academy
1290 Sherry Dr.
Alpharetta, Georgia 30009

4. Donations by check of $50 and above may be sent by mail
to Helping Hands Ministries and receive a tax receipt:

* Make checks payable to Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.

* Attach a note recommending the check for "The Science Academy"

* Mail contributions to the following address:

Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.
125 Main Street, Suite 1
P. O. Box 337
Tallulah Falls, GA 30573

"Following principles of scientific inquiry, Joe Estes delivers a first-class laboratory
experience for young students.  Our family has consistently contributed financially
because we feel strongly about supporting a program that generates so much academic
interest among its students. The Estes have been excellent stewards, utilizing donations
to further enhance the program by purchasing equipment and supplies that many
students normally do not see until middle or high school."
                                                                                     The McCarthey Family