Oksana Berkuta, Montessori Educator
Jeff Hutchins, Ph.D., Vice President of Pre-Clinical Research at Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
Susan Hutchins, Private School Educator
R. Eric McCarthey, Retired 30 year Senior Global Customer, Operating and Strategic
Planning Officer at The Coca-Cola Co.
Peggy Lasko-McCarthey, Ph.D, Science Educator and Writer
Susan Palmer, Board Member of Legacy Community Academy, Alpharetta
Mike Stohr, Vice President, North Atlantic Shared Services, Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Traci Stohr, Educator

Fulton County, Georgia, After School Enrichment Program Provider: 2009 - 2013

What People Are Saying . . .

From Mr. L. Sparks, Metallurgist,  who visited an "after school" lab class with his
grandson in October of 2009:

"I can't tell you how delighted my grandson was with your science class.  When we
returned home he had to show grandma how his experiment went.  He was able to duplicate
it.  The smile on his face was filled with pride.

I think it's wonderful to stimulate children's interests.  This was an experience he normally
would not have had.  The easy to follow steps make it interesting.  Many children grow up
with the idea that chemistry is a "tough" subject.  By introducing them early in life to
science, that perception is removed.

I believe that the Chinese had a saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words".  I can add to
that, that a demonstration is worth a thousand pictures, and being able to perform the
experiments themselves is priceless.

I highly recommend your science class.  The handouts do an excellent job of explaining
what is the purpose and results of the experiment.  I was also impressed by the quality of
materials you supplied.

Thank you!"

From Educators:

"Ivy League had two on site field trips with the Science Academy this school year.  Both
were enjoyed by teachers and students that ranged from 5 to 12 years old.  As a school
director, I love the fact that the children can enjoy a wonderful experience and I do not
have to worry about transportation or safety!  It is also wonderful that the entire day is not
disrupted.  The children can just walk into the lab and have their class, then return to their
work.  We will be frequent customers next school year.  Thanks for the great service you
provide for schools!"

Becky Carty, Director Ivy League Montessori School

"The science lab offers hands-on instruction that puts our children at ease; excites them
with genuine scientific samples; and educates them in a calm, patient manner.  It is
wonderful to have such unique science brought right to our door!  It makes learning easy
and fun."

Bee Tufts, Teacher, Ivy League Montessori

"Our children were very excited about the science lab.  It was very convenient for us as
teachers as well as for  the children. . . "

Ms. Jahan, Primary Teacher, Ivy League Montessori

""The children are always very positive at the end and love to talk about what they learned.  
Many are bursting to tell their parents at carpool."

Ms. Rose, Primary Teacher, Ivy League Montessori

"These science labs provide hands on and practical science applications for our son.  The
wonders of the natural world are made real for him in a way that   reflect our values and
beliefs.  This is a valuable way to enhance our son's science experience."     

From Students:
"I get to do so many interesting things; I feel smart when I am there . ."  

"The quality and interesting atmosphere created is giving our son first hand experiences in
the sciences."   
(Parent and medical researcher)

"I can't tell you how much I like science because of this class. I think I want to be a
scientist when I grow up!"